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McMorrow, Tate & Westgard on challenges for hiring trained FM staff

“Facilities management isn’t about the facility, it’s about the people in the facility,” says Eileen McMorrow, editor-in-chief, The McMorrow Reports. People, process, place continues, she said during a panel discussion regarding challenges that hybrid work is bringing to FM departments as they search for new talent to hire as an FM staff.

McMorrow, Tate & Westgard’s discussion during NFMT Remix in Orlando.

Keith Tate, FM Director for Polk County Board of County Commissioners (Florida), and Ericka Westgard, VP of Operations, SE for C&W Services joined McMorrow during NFMT Remix, Orlando, in November.

Finding the right people to do the FM and engineering work for Polk County, is the biggest challenge for Tate. “You have to find people that fit. Do they have an innovative mind set?” asks Tate.

“Our business is people and finding them is hard with 10,000 baby boomers retiring a day. In the skilled trades, we have only 2,500 going in a day,” says Westgard of the big gap.

In this four-minute video, hear their predictions about the challenges for FM departments needing more trained staff.

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