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MBMA’s metal building folio offers A&D insights from a shelter/medical facility caring for 135 guests each night in Birmingham, AL

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) announces the publication of Firehouse Ministries Shelter. The newest MBMA architecture-focused educational case study takes a detailed look at an award-winning facility serving the needs of homeless men, women and children in Birmingham, Alabama. The metal building folio is the latest title in the Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series.

With the seventh publication in this series, MBMA is pleased to provide architecture faculty and students with an array of free resources showing both the practical and the creative design possibilities of metal buildings. Each folio provides a comprehensive look at a unique facility and offers insights into design priorities and decisions as well as the results.

Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager

MBMA’s educational resources are easy to access and utilize for students, faculty and designers.

I use MBMA teaching videos, folios and research materials for my classes every semester.

Greg Snyder, Associate Professor of Architecture and Undergraduate Program Director, School of Architecture, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

The Firehouse Ministries Shelter folio was created by MBMA in coordination with Poole & Company Architects and Dunn Building Company, LLC. The folio highlights the 28,000-square-foot emergency and day shelter that houses an average of 135 guests each night and provides medical care for approximately 3,000 people each year.

The 20-page metal building folio contains:

  • Project observations and insights from the architect, construction team and local officials, including advice to architecture students;
  • Specific needs and challenges for the unique facility, including addressing neighbors’ concerns, a tight budget and the desire to create an inviting yet practical space; and
  • Photos, drawings and design graphics that highlight important aspects of the project.

MBMA’s previous publications in the Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series spotlight the Alamo Beer Company in San Antonio; the Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley, Massachusetts; the Michelle and Barack Obama Sports Complex in Los Angeles; the Haulover Marine Center in North Miami Beach, Florida; the Jacksonville University Basketball Performance Center in Jacksonville, Florida; and the Arbogast Performing Arts Center in Troy, Ohio.

MBMA folios are available on MBMA Resources.