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Mayer Fabrics’ Quantum Collection pairs beauty with extreme-performance attributes

Inspired by science and technology, Mayer Fabrics’ Quantum Collection features new high-performance fabrics comprised of beautiful polyurethanes and a new innovative technology. The technology, trademarked as “Tekloom,” is new to the market and uses TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) to create a “fused” or “hybrid” textile for commercial upholstery. The result is an aesthetically beautiful textural quality with the extreme-performance attributes of a coated material. The Quantum Collection consists of natural linen looks, quilted embosses and metallic geometrics with colors ranging from intense tones to soft neutrals. All Quantum fabrics are Graffiti free, DMF, Phthalate and FR/Antimicrobial Additive free. These new and innovative textile offerings are perfect for healthcare and demanding commercial environments where high-performance textiles are a necessity. The Quantum Collection will officially release in January 2020.

See the Quantum Collection at the Healthcare Design Expo, booth # 1033.