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Loyola Marymount University adds video capture to 100 classrooms

Loyola Marymount University, one of the nation’s largest private Catholic universities, has selected the Echo360 cloud-based video platform for over 100 classrooms, providing students with reliable access to lectures in real time, before, during and after class.

After a series of pilots, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is employing a hybrid approach to teaching and learning that combines traditional hardware capture technology with Echo360’s student engagement software and intuitive tools, such as the pre-scheduling capture capability, to support the needs of its Los Angeles-based faculty and students.

“Given the ubiquity of technology in the lives of today’s faculty and students, it’s becoming increasingly important that colleges and universities not only prioritize the reliability of the technology they choose, but also ensure that it’s rooted in academically-sound instructional practices that will resonate with your faculty and students,” said Crista Copp, Director of ITS Educational Technology Support and Services from LMU. “With Echo360 we are able to draw upon reliable software and easy-to-use lecture capture tools to implement a hybrid pedagogical approach that helps to engage students before, during and after class.”

With the rise of non-traditional learners, postsecondary institutions are facing increased demand to provide students with consistent, on-demand access to their courses, outside of the classroom using their laptops and mobile devices. Faculty, in turn, need a reliable way to capture the lecture, either from a desktop computer in a lecture hall or from a personal laptop. Echo360 was selected over other capture solutions due to its ability to meet these student and faculty needs.

Loyola Marymount University’s thoughtful approach to engaging faculty in designing a blended approach that makes smart use of technology–while fostering pedagogical flexibility and innovation–holds profound potential to improve student success at scale,” said Fred Singer, founder and CEO of Echo360. “Cloud- based tools enable unprecedented flexibility in implementation, without sacrificing critical reliability across a range of implementation environments. We are excited to partner with Loyola Marymount University to support the unique needs of every learner.”