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Lobby CRE launches Cloud-based data management platform

Lobby CRE, a commercial real estate data management platform, launched publically in May. The innovative solution is designed to give CRE companies advanced access to all of their data sources in one cloud-based, secure solution.

The platform equips companies with an organized data infrastructure to take advantage of competitive insights to improve business performance. It combines the power of a high-performance data system with massive scale and economy to help speed time to insight.

Lobby Cloud, a key feature of Lobby CRE, is the most comprehensive data lake available for the commercial real estate industry. The solution gives companies live data – consistent data everywhere, spanning platforms and locations, to economically harness and derive value from massive data volumes.

Data fed into the Cloud through the Lobby Drive gives companies a secure and easy access point to manage data across the organization. This intuitive feature indexes any file saved to the Drive and allows for easy searching while feeding data directly into the Cloud.

Companies are able to derive immediate value from their data and external sources. The Lobby Executive Dashboard gives users the means to explore valuable insights that would otherwise require a manual analysis and substantial time commitment.

“The sheer volume of data now being produced and stored presents the biggest opportunity for CRE professionals to establish a competitive advantage and generate sustained success,” said Rob Finlay, founder and CEO, Lobby CRE. “For a long time, storing large amounts of data was cost prohibitive, but innovations in the last five years have dramatically lowered the price of compute and storage. Lobby CRE offers a secure data repository that captures, refines, and explores any form of raw data at scale and provides faster time to value with less risk to your organization while revealing new insights.”

Lobby CRE is an affordable solution that is currently available for use by commercial real estate companies across the United States.