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Light Corp unveils Tino, a footprint-free lighting mount

Light Corp00511122015Light Corp, announces an asymmetrical personal task light with a mount that attaches directly to the back of a computer monitor.

Part of the Tino personal task light unveiled by Light Corp in 2014, the new lighting mount assembly kit allows the user to attach the mounting bracket directly to back of most computer monitors. Its lightweight design, coupled with the new mounting kit, enables simple installation requiring only a screwdriver. Configurable for either the right- or left-hand side of the computer monitor, the Tino monitor mount provides the user with flexibility in positioning the light.

The Tino personal task light’s articulating arm and head adds to its flexibility, with glare-free light emitting up to one foot from the fixture head. Its asymmetrical lighting directs light laterally from the shade across the work area, making Tino easy to use as well as easy on the eyes.

Other mount options include the divider mount, slat wall mount, panel mount, surface mount and clamp mount – all designed to fit into most office furniture systems.