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LAZ Parking launches LAZ Vaccination & Testing Centers


LAZ Parking rolled out in early March LAZ Vaccination & Testing Centers nationwide. The new initiative consolidates the COVID-19 support services LAZ has been offering since the outset of the pandemic and now expands to include vaccination support services.

Responding to customer and community needs, LAZ has trained more than 500 COVID-19 Support Ambassadors, working at over 60 locations across the country. The company will continue to train and deploy employees for this important task as long as necessary.

LAZ currently offers a wide variety of solutions using its nation-wide parking real estate network for drive-thru vaccination and testing sites, including prescreening and testing support, traffic control, and post-inoculation support. 

“Together with our partners, LAZ is leveraging its nationwide network of parking locations to meet the increasing demand for drive-thru testing and vaccination services,” said Alan Lazowski, chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking. “Sustaining ongoing testing efforts and ramping up vaccination capacity is essential to getting our nation and our employees back to work. LAZ has the logistics expertise, people services, and established relationships with real estate and clinical partners to make a significant and immediate contribution to this effort.”

LAZ Parking operates over 1.3 million parking spaces in 35 states and 439 cities across the United States.

“We are proud to work with local, state, and federal health officials, as well as our nationwide network of healthcare and real estate partners, to help get Americans vaccinated as quickly as possible,” Lazowski said. “We will not rest until we have our entire workforce back at work. LAZ Vaccine and Testing Centers are a great, customer-friendly way to make that happen and support the vital work needed to reopen and restore our economy fully.” 

With healthcare teams already in place across the country, LAZ Vaccination and Testing Centers are uniquely positioned to ramp up services quickly. Team members working at hospitals and healthcare facilities have the HIPAA and patient privacy training needed to check-in and prescreen patients and monitor patient waiting areas after vaccinations.   

“Before COVID-19, LAZ had approximately 15,000 employees,” said Lazowski. “It breaks my heart, but nearly 7,800 of those were furloughed or laid off due to the pandemic-related economic downturn. I am proud to report that because of this effort and America coming back to work, we were already able to bring 3,000 of our LAZ family members back to work. I will do everything in my power to get all of our amazing employees back to work.”