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KWK Architects to design new residence hall at UNC – Charlotte

Levine Hall

Levine Hall

This aerial photo shows Levine Hall in the foreground and the two white buildings behind it are Sanford and Moore Halls. Sanford and Moore will be demolished for the new 650-800 bed residence hall at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. (Photo Credit: Aero Photo)

Student housing expert KWK Architects has been selected the design architect for a new residence hall at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte that will replace existing Sanford and Moore Halls. Charlotte, NC-based Jenkins Peer Architects is the Architect-of-Record on the project.

Sanford Hall, which opened in 1969, and Moore Hall, which opened in 1970, each house 500 students on 12 floors. The old dorms will be demolished as part of the project. The new, proposed residence hall, currently referred to as Residence Hall Phase XVI, will feature 650-800 beds with double rooms supported by community bathrooms, lounges and laundry rooms on each floor, common areas and multipurpose rooms.

The new complex will also be designed and built using LEED or Green Globes elements, and its exterior design will reflect the existing architectural style on campus.

A two-phase demolition and construction schedule for the entire site is planned over a two year period, with construction of the new residence hall expected to begin in spring 2019.

Two years ago, KWK Architects designed the university’s unique Levine Hall, which combines an honors program within a traditional residence hall.