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Kwalu’s Prizzi Lounge takes NeoCon Gold for comfort

Designed by Kwalu, the sleek Prizzi Lounge chair offers a high level of comfort in mid-century modern style for healthcare environments. Visitors make a number of decisions about a hospital from the time they walk through the front door. Chipped and scuffed chair legs and arms send a subliminal message about the level of care. Prizzi features Kwalu’s award-winning solid surface finish. The frame of the Prizzi Lounge is available in a wide array of wood-grained finishes. The good news here is this chair is not made of wood. Kwalu’s proprietary material has the look of wood but none of the drawbacks of wood. The frame is moisture impervious, graffiti-resistant, easy to clean and maintenance-free. The surfaces remain smooth, non-porous providing no place for harmful bacteria to hide and infect hospital patients and guests.

The Prizzi won the Gold Best of NeoCon Award for Healthcare Guest and Lounge Seating.