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Kwalu’s luxurious Modena Collection stands up to everyday disinfection

Kwalu has been a leader in purposeful and patient-centered healthcare design for more than 35 years. The Modena Collection is no exception. The modern luxury of the Modena Lounge collection showcases Kwalu’s award-winning proprietary material in the unique faceted-edge frame detailing. The tables in the collection feature beveled-edged, solid-surface tops. The Modena Lounge Collection includes a Lounge, Loveseat and Sofa. The frames in this collection are durable and house a patented steel-reinforced joint system. The frequently touched frames stand up to daily bleach cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning removes contaminants, disinfecting kills pathogens. That, in addition to Kwalu’s 10-year performance warranty on construction and finish guarantee, the Modena will look like new for a decade. Learn more.