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KI’s Tattoo Collection offers flexibility, mobility and collaborative options

The Tattoo Collection offers FMs moveable furniture and writable surfaces.

KI’s Tattoo Collections offers a dynamic solution to shifts in space needs. No need to draw new floor plans, order parts or schedule installation. Elements are easy to arrange and rearrange as roles and responsibilities evolve. Team members have exceptional flexibility to configure their workspace any way they want. 

Each element in Tattoo is proportionately scaled to work together in various configurations. Coordinating dimensions and complementary design details ensure all elements fit spatially and aesthetically within the same footprint, no matter how you rearrange them. And, Tattoo elements arrive fully assembled.


Tattoo offers both Flex and Spine screens. Flex screens are easy to move, so you can expand or contract workstations for either individual focus or team interaction. Spine screens support in-line planning with or without power. Both screens feature a unique base design, which allows screens to stand independently. A variety of screen inserts can be added to enhance aesthetics, acoustics and function.


Tattoo storage provides a perfect balance of work and personal compartments—with secure locking options—for your purse, gym bag, a change of shoes, or files and folders alike. Featuring mobility and user-control, Tattoo storage adapts to of-the-moment needs for visual privacy or interaction. Featuring an inset leg design, storage elements can easily be placed throughout your workspace.

Slim Seating

Tattoo seating is scaled to fit within a range of space plans. Each modular, lightweight component can be easily moved and reconfigured within your space. Integrated powered options keep you connected. Seating elements are designed and scaled to visually integrate with other Tattoo elements.


Tattoo tables are designed to fit the compact proportions of Tattoo lounge seating and storage elements. Designed as a “booth” table featuring two sizes, Tattoo tables are ideal for interactive and regenerative zones. The tables feature a single column base which maximizes leg room and eases ingress and egress.