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KI enhances Evoke Architectural Wall

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The Evoke Architectural Wall, from KI, is a glass transom that uses ½” glazing to maintain its STC value.

Evokes pre-assembled construction, vertical adjustment capabilities, and simplistic design enable efficient relocation and reconfiguration, with a seamless vertical mullion.. Evoke comes with a vast array of finish options and can be painted, printed or wrapped.

Evokes non-progressive unitized construction features a smooth panel-to-panel connection resulting in less than 1/16” vertical reveal between panels. This forms barely visible reveal lines. Designed to support high levels of productivity within an environment, Evoke walls offer the greatest acoustic protection available—with a Sound Transmission Classification (STC) rating of 50.

Evoke is highly recyclable. It is pre-assembled, minimizing dust and debris and is constructed with non-offgassing materials contributing to better indoor air quality for sensitive environments. For more information, KI.