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Keep productivity rolling along with Carstens 7920 WALKAroo Slimline Mobile Workstation

Walkaroo W Props[1]Carstens 7920 WALKAroo Slimline Mobile Workstation keeps productivity rolling, even in tight spaces and busy areas. Its small footprint, paired with smooth movement and sharp turning, makes it ideal for navigating corridors and getting into tight spaces to reach patients for assessments. It is versatile in that it can be equipped with either a tilting monitor mount or a tablet mount to easily integrate with EHR systems.

The 7920 WALKAroo has an easy to clean, seamless work surface to reduce the spread of bacteria and can be outfitted with glove box holders for added convenience. An additional benefit is that it is made out of aluminum and will not rust. The 7920 WALKAroo is the ultimate space-saving yet benefit-packed workstation.