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July 26 OSCRE webinar: Future-proofing the portfolio: Leading industry practices

OSCRE Innovation Forum for real estate portfolio performance
  • Future-Proofing the Portfolio: Leading Industry Practices webinar, from OSCRE International
  • Wednesday, July 26, 2023
  • 11 AM – 12 PM Eastern Time
  • No registration fee required

Investment managers and corporate occupiers are both exploring ways to maintain and strengthen the long-term performance of their real estate portfolios. New questions are being asked about the impact of changes in occupancy, new work patterns, and dynamic real estate markets. This includes assessing and analyzing utilization, evaluating portfolio risk, considering a range of scenarios, setting priorities for action, and collaborating with tenants and landlords to find viable solutions.

 The panelists for this Innovation Forum from OSCRE International will address the following: 

  • What risk elements are compelling occupiers and investors to develop new strategies?
  • What kinds of scenarios are leading companies considering?
  • How is this tied to valuation of assets and portfolios as a whole?
  • What demands does this place on having the right data?

Register for Future-Proofing the Portfolio: Leading Industry Practices at OSCRE. OSCRE International is a global nonprofit consortium focused on the development of real estate data standards and support of their implementation, enabling organizations to become more data driven.