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J.E. Snyder and Raytheon have made Connectrac their go-to option

For over a decade, J.E. Snyder Electric has established itself as one of the premiere full service electrical companies in the nation. No better way is this exemplified than through their continual relationship with defense and aerospace systems company, Raytheon. Being on the forefront of innovation within the defense systems industry requires Raytheon to have power and technology connectivity readily
available at any location inside their headquarters. For this need, Raytheon has relied on the prestigious service of J.E. Snyder for all technological installations at their facilities since the early 2000’s. To achieve improved communications and to make office productivity more efficient, Raytheon engaged J.E. Snyder to make audio/visual technology available within their conference rooms. The process began by finding the most fitting product that could provide optimal connectivity while maintaining a subtle and sleek profile. After exploring available solutions, J.E. Snyder recommended Connectrac wireways to Raytheon for the project. As a company that thrives on efficiency, J.E. Snyder appreciated not only the simple, subtle design of the wireway but how much time it saved on their project. “If it’s going to save me half an hour of time, that’s profitable for us,” said Dan Garcia, A/V Foreman at J.E. Snyder. “It’s a lot faster than drilling holes.”


When J.E. Snyder approached Raytheon, it was not a hard sell. “After the first install, that gave them that final validation,” Garcia added. J.E. Snyder’s experience with Connectrac products spans back quite a while. For many years, Snyder had installed Connectrac products sold through an international A/V manufacturer. Snyder is now able to utilize the full line of Connectrac products for challenges like Raytheon’s. Connectrac provided J.E. Snyder with their patented In-Carpet style wireway along with both single and modular duplex receptacles. The aluminum casing used for the base and top cap of
the wireway put Raytheon at ease knowing they did not have to worry about any damage to their power and data cables. “The metal casing gives a sense of security,” said Project Manager, Steven Greene. “They invest a lot in those conference rooms and it really makes the rooms pop. It provides everything we need as far as electrical, data, A/V [access].

“With providing the aesthetic they desired and a time-efficient installation, J.E. Snyder and Raytheon have now made Connectrac their go-to option for all connectivity needs. “Before, people had to resort to expensive and inconvenient alternatives like core drilling or trenching,” said Clint Strong, CEO of Connectrac. “With the help we’ve gotten from our relationships with J.E. Snyder and Raytheon, customers can further know that a new standard has truly arrived with Connectrac.”