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Introducing Gridd Mobile: An augmented reality app that supports rapid change

FreeAxez is excited to announce the launch of Gridd Mobile at Neocon 2019 – an augmented reality app that reveals the precise location of all IT and power infrastructure beneath the floor covering, eliminating guesswork and unnecessary labor. Gridd Mobile gives FMs and in-house teams the power to change. From the company that brought you Best of NeoCon winners Gridd and Gridd Power, Gridd Mobile harnesses powerful new technology to add even more efficiency and flexibility. Find all the information you need, when you need it, right on your smartphone. The Gridd Mobile application provides users with Augmented Reality, Technical Support, As-Builts, How-to Videos, Original Site Pictures and a QR Reader for product information. Gridd Mobile’s AR functionality allows users to visualize their Gridd systems on their device screen, effectively producing an “X-ray” of the floor beneath them, showing all boxes, track, cables below the floors. It shows you everything under the floor without having to open it up saving FMs time, money and fuss. Learn more!

NeoCon Booth 7 – 5029