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Marine Corp selects IntelliPower for UPS supplier

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 6.53.27 PMIntelliPower, Inc.,  has been selected again as the UPS supplier to the U.S. Marine Corp Tactical Data Network Data Distribution System-Modular (TDN DDS-M) program. As the incumbent supplier over the past seven years, IntelliPower has nearly 5,000 TDN DDS-M power protection systems already deployed in the military battlefield that have yielded high results in reliability.

The TDN DDS-M program provides modular and scalable internet protocol communications and networking that requires high performance power protection as part of the integrated system. To accommodate a lighter overall system for the Marine Corp, IntelliPower recently redesigned the FA00001 UPS keeping the same form, fit and function, while doubling the output capacity and replacing lead acid batteries with lithium iron phosphate batteries, decreasing the overall weight of the system.  Through the use of technological innovations and manufacturing efficiencies, transition of the FA10093 UPS into the field was seamless with no additional training time required.

IntelliPower will be exhibiting its latest product along with others at the 2016 Modern Day Marine Expo in Quantico, VA from Sept. 27 to 29 on the Marine Corp base in booth #1127.