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Infographic: How to create an inspiring and colorful workplace

What do you feel like when you go to work? Do you feel tired and restless, or do you find energy when you begin the day? If it’s the former, there’s a strong likelihood that there are things about your workplace design that are not encouraging well-being.

Offices can be designed for a lot of things. They can encourage creativity and productivity—and they can improve your health, too. For example, think about the furniture you sit in and work at: Does it give you aches and pains or help your body feel better? If it’s the latter, your desk and chairs may be to blame.

And if you find yourself completely out of ideas, look around you: What colors and what spaces are in your office? If the choices are off key, then they could be detrimental to your life during the work day.

What else can you do at work to feel better and work smarter? Cubicle Concepts created this graphic to help.

Create inspiring workplace in 2017

By Cubicle Concepts