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Infinity Rx offering from Ecore Commercial matches aesthetics with durability

Infinity Rx comes in a variety of colors. Here are a few from the Ecore website. Click to see more.

Showcasing resilience and comfort with modern, harmonious patterns, Infinity Rx is the latest flooring offering from Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into performance surfaces that make people’s lives better. As part of the Ecore Commercial Rx Collection, Infinity Rx is a sound absorbent, ergonomic and safe flooring solution offered in a variety of contemporary finishes.

“Unique to the Infinity Rx collection is the variety of linear patterns available, inspired by traditional textiles and woven floor coverings,” said Tanya Huxta, Design & Product Development Manager for Ecore. “The collection comes in shades of gray, beige, gold and brown that harmoniously blend together to create a more organic appearance, without sacrificing comfort underfoot or sound control.”

As part of the Rx Collection, Infinity Rx leverages Ecore’s patented itstru technology, making the space where it’s installed quieter and more safe and ergonomic than traditional commercial flooring options. Featuring five millimeters of Ecore’s vulcanized composition rubber backing fusion-bonded to a modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet, Rx products offer anti-fatigue capabilities that enhance force reduction and energy restitution, delivering increased comfort underfoot and reducing the risk of injury associated with falls.

Infinity Rx features a protective wear layer that enhances durability while reducing long-term maintenance demands. In addition, the flooring offers superior hygienic qualities due to of its heat-welded installation, leaving no pores or crevices to collect dirt, mold or other irritants. With pleasing aesthetics and low-maintenance functionality, Infinity Rx is an ideal solution for education, healthcare, hospitality, multifamily, retail and senior care facilities.

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