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IFMA announces 2017-2018 executive committee


IFMAIFMA introduces the member-elected executive committee of its 2017-18 global board of directors. July 1 marked the first day as chair for William M. O’Neill, CFM, and as first vice chair for Graham John Tier, CFM, FMP, MRICS. Previous board member Lynn Baez, CFM, SFP, FMP, CBCP, transitioned onto the executive team as second vice chair.

“It is a great honor to assume this position and continue the outstanding work that has come before me,” said board chair O’Neill. “In the many years that I’ve been with IFMA, I can’t remember a time when there was so much raw potential for FM professionals to harness the benefits of a truly global community. The role that FM plays in the built environment of tomorrow is being forged by FM leaders today — whether it’s smart buildings that improve the quality of life for occupants or global practice standards that preserve the built environment for generations to come.”

IFMA expresses gratitude for the outstanding leadership of outgoing chair, Maureen Ehrenberg, FRICS, CRE, whose vision drove a dynamic year of growth and change within IFMA and across the global FM community. In addition to a record number of successful events held around the world and the formation of regional advisory boards, Ehrenberg oversaw much of the implementation of the landmark IFMA-RICS collaboration which is helping unify the global FM community while integrating it into the larger built environment industry. Ehrenberg will remain involved as past chair.

IFMA also appreciates the contributions of outgoing past chair Michael D. Feldman, FMP, CM, throughout his years on the board of directors and for his leadership on the executive committee.

Earlier this year, IFMA’s board of directors voted to extend their terms for one year. As a result, the previous directors remain in place, except for Lynn Baez’s transition to the executive committee. Members of the executive committee serve one-year terms.

2017-18 IFMA Board of Directors

William M. O’Neill, CFM

First Vice Chair
Graham John Tier, CFM, FMP, MRIC

Second Vice Chair
Lynn Baez, CFM, SFP, FMP, CBCP

Past Chair
Maureen Ehrenberg, FRICS, CRE

Ex Officio
Tony Keane, CAE – IFMA President and CEO

Peter Ankerstjerne, MBA, COP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
Diane Coles-Levine, MCR
Keith A. Dias, P.E., CFM
Laurie A. Gilmer, P.E., CFM, SFP, LEED-AP, CxA
Wayne Harvey, CFM, SFP, LEED AP
Gordon Hicks, P.Eng, LEED AP
Louise Panneton
Darrell D. Smith

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