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The 2017 Facilities Manager’s Costbook: Get Yours Now!

The construction estimating information in the Facilities Manager’s 2017 Costbook, is divided into two main sections: Costbook Pages and Man-Hour Tables. Each section is organized according to the 16 division format. In addition there are extensive Supporting References.

Sample pages with graphic explanations are included before the Costbook pages to help with construction estimating.

Facilities Managers can quickly and easily estimate the cost of renovations, repairs and new construction for all types of facilities and commercial buildings. The BNi Facilities Manager’s Costbook 2017 is the first place to turn, whether you’re preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor’s bid, or submitting a formal budget proposal.  It puts at your fingertips accurate and up-to-date material and labor costs for thousands of cost items, based on the latest national averages and standard labor productivity rates.  The BNi Facilities Manager’s Costbook 2017 includes detailed regional cost modifiers for adjusting your estimate to your local conditions. Included are:

Material  Costs that represent national averages for prices that a contractor would expect to pay plus an allowance for freight, and handling and storage. These costs reflect neither the lowest or highest prices, but rather a typical average cost over time.

Labor Costs include basic wage, plus commonly applied taxes, insurance and markups for overhead and profit. Labor rates are typical average prevailing wage rates.

Equipment Costs for various types and pieces of equipment are included in Division 1–General Requirements and can be included in an estimate when required as total “Equipment” category or with specific appropriate trades.

Allowances for Overhead and Profit are included for the contractor/employer whose workers are performing the specific tasks. No cost allowances or fees are included for management of subcontractors  by the GC or CM.

The Costbook also covers Adjustments to Costs and Hours (Man-Hours). 

The 2017 FM Costbook provides accurate, reliable, average costs and typical productivity for thousands of common construction components. The data is developed and compiled from various industry sources, including government, manufacturers, suppliers, and working profession.

There is no charge to preview the FM Costbook for 30 days.

2017 Facilities Manager’s Costbook.