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IDSS’s DETECT 1000 installed at Boston Logan Intl. Airport as part of TSA’s Innovation Task Force

Detect 1000Integrated Defense and Security Solutions (IDSS), a security systems manufacturer with locations in New York and Massachusetts, announced that its government-certified advanced checkpoint scanner, the DETECT™ 1000, has been installed at Boston’s Logan International Airport as part of the TSA’s Innovation Task Force initiatives to field Next Generation Security Technology.

“Threats to aviation security have been underscored by recent incidents.  IDSS has been working closely with the TSA over the past several years to address these and other emerging threats with our advanced security solutions,” stated IDSS CEO, Joseph Paresi. “The IDSS DETECT™ 1000 advanced checkpoint scanner incorporates patent-pending technology to achieve enhanced detection capabilities, while minimizing false or nuisance alarms from common carry-on baggage and items.”

“One of the primary goals of TSA’s Innovation Task Force is to partner with industry to develop innovative and critical security enhancements that are less invasive and more efficient while ensuring a secure travel experience. In order to keep pace with emerging threats, Checkpoint CT systems are one of the technologies we are focused on developing and we are very hopeful these systems will enhance aviation security,” said Steve Karoly of TSA.

Based on advanced medical computed tomography (CT) technology, the DETECT™ 1000 is designed and programmed to automatically analyze the material characteristics of all objects within passengers’ bags. The system automatically alarms on identified threat items and provides a full three-dimensional image, along with the threat’s location pinpointed within the bag.

“The DETECT™ 1000 and its resolution, detection capability and low false alarm rate will greatly speed checkpoint security operations and we intend to demonstrate how its performance will ultimately allow passengers to keep their electronics and liquids in their carry-on baggage, making for a faster and more convenient travel experience,” said Joseph Paresi.

Founded in 2012 by security technology developers, IDSS is focused on delivering high performance, next-generation systems to replace the existing X-ray systems in use at airports. IDSS has drawn upon its extensive experience in screening technology to become the premier security solutions provider for advanced threat detection.