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iCleanse deploys larger advanced version of Swift UV units that disinfect phones and hands while users watch ads and messages

iCleanse, a DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) startup that develops Swift UV units for phone disinfection paired with advertising media,  announces that they have deployed their larger and more advanced version of their Swift UV unit in response to client demands.

The improved and enlarged unit now includes 4G connectivity, which builds upon the earlier Swift UV model that relied on Wi-Fi to deliver advertising content. iCleanse executives also enlarged the Swift UV’s screen from 10 inches to 18 inches to better engage audiences and reach persons farther away. Additionally, new functionality allows for optional widgets to be customized by the client.

Image courtesy of iCleanse

“By expanding our screen, we are effectively expanding spatial reach,” said Chris Allen Sr., CEO of iCleanse. “Clients wished to deploy iCleanse Swift UV units within a larger space, but the 10-inch screens were deemed too small to catch a viewer’s eye within larger spaces. The larger unit and 4G connectivity ensure that a Swift UV unit can be deployed almost anywhere.”

Swift UV started as a hospital-based solution used in NICUs to avoid the spread of infectious diseases to infants. Phones are commonly used as work tools and are in the hands of almost all care-providers. Pathogens are on the surface of all cell phones which have been found to have ten times the pathogens that are found on toilets. iCleanse, now only nine months old as a product, uses UVC light to disinfect the phone. While it is disinfecting, the user stands waiting and views the portrait screen that offers messages from the company leasing the unit (up to 10 percent of internal ads are free), such as employee service announcements about meetings, health insurance enrollment or special events to paid advertisements.

“iCleanse users view the ads and usually also use the motion-detected sanitizer unit as their hands are completely free,” says CEO Allen. “The cost-per-view ads on a Swift UV takes away the secondary device because the phone is inside the unit disinfecting.” Further, iCleanse brings in additional revenue while the advertiser is guaranteed dedicated viewership for 20 seconds during the display of the ads.

iCleanse specializes in developing Swift UV units that offer users free, rapid 15-second phone disinfection in public spaces. Leveraging the latest technology, these units ensure phone hygiene and serve advertisements on a digital out-of-home (DOOH) screen, transforming the disinfection process into a seamless and engaging experience for users.

The Swift UV unit can disinfect any standard smartphone and case. Advertisements can be delivered to the unit via Wi-Fi, Ethernet connection, or 4G. Swift UV units can be deployed in almost any public space, including airports, museums, hotels, cruise ships, healthcare facilities, office buildings, event spaces, and more. Swift UV clients can manage their advertisements within a content management system (CMS) or have iCleanse secure third-party advertisements.

Find out more about iCleanse Swift UV unit options at iCleanse.