Hyperloop One builds its network of global partners to pursue the future of transportation


Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop Technologies) has unveiled its new global partner ecosystem, featuring some of the world leaders in transportation engineering, architecture, infrastructure strategy and financing, construction and operations. Companies including AECOM, AMBERG Group, Arcturan Sustainable Cargo, ARUP, Bjarke Ingels Group, Cargo Sous Terrain, Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting, FS LINKS, GRID, KPMG and SYSTRA have all joined forces with Hyperloop One to develop the future of transportation.

“We are pleased to announce the formation of a network of leading companies that share our vision for solving today’s transportation challenges and embrace our dedication to make Hyperloop a reality worldwide,” said Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One. “We will work alongside these world-class partners to redefine the future of transportation, providing a more immediate, safe, efficient and sustainable high-speed backbone for the movement of people and things.”

Hyperloop One places an equal focus on the efficient and sustainable transportation of people and freight. One of the major challenges we face today is the increasing volume of container traffic shuttling from our busy ports to other modes of transportation. The company announced it is working with global engineering leader AECOM to support a feasibility study conducted by Arcturan Sustainable Cargo to determine how Hyperloop can improve productivity at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles by increasing efficiency and reducing urban traffic and omissions.

“AECOMs partnership with Hyperloop One has the potential to transform the movement of both people and freight,” said Mike Burke, AECOM’s chairman and CEO. “Our expertise working with cities, building port infrastructure and delivering highly challenging transit projects provides the depth of knowledge essential for safely and effectively developing and maximizing a new mode of transportation.”

Hyperloop One is collaborating with Arup to redefine passenger travel. Arup’s leading experience designing and engineering tunnels and passenger infrastructure will shape how Hyperloop One creates a high-speed, tunnel-based transportation backbone. Arup has led the way on some of the most complex tunnelling and new station projects, including London Crossrail’s 42km of new tunnels, running 40 metres under the city. The partnership’s initial focus will be to evaluate, develop and scope Hyperloop opportunities in specific geographic regions.

“Hyperloop has the potential to solve many of today’s most complex long-distance transport issues,” said Gregory Hodkinson, Arup Group Chairman. “If railways helped enable the first industrial revolution, Hyperloop has the potential to do the same for the information economy, overcoming distances and creating connections between people, places, ideas and opportunities.”

A major goal for Hyperloop One is to connect distant cities to form dynamic and efficient economic super-regions, a goal we share with our new Nordic partners FS Links. Linking urban centers between Finland and Sweden, for example, will catalyze economic development in towns and cities along the route.

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