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Hygiene at work and on-campus meets its match with TOUCHLESS Faucets & Soap Dispensers from TOTO

Return to the office, workplace, or campus is in progress across the country with organizations adjusting the target dates while managers are considering the impact of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in each community. While some employees will remain at home longer, a cohort will return to the office and students are destined to populate campuses. Most are intensely concerned about  infectious disease transmission when using restrooms in offices, schools, airports, shopping centers, and other facilities. They want the security of knowing they can use public restrooms without the worry of coming into contact with transmissible diseases.

Winner of the Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award, the TOTO Gooseneck TOUCHLESS Faucet is available with an ECOPOWER or electric platform.

To instill that critical sense of hygiene and security, facilities planners, industrial hygiene experts, HR professionals and business owners can consider the expanded line of TOTO TOUCHLESS Faucets and Soap Dispensers. Facilities managers who choose these TOTO solutions are secure in the knowledge that they are providing a restroom where disease transmission opportunities are fewer, and they are helping reduce the spread of communicable diseases.

With its elegant high-arc spout characterized by graceful lines reminiscent  of flowing water’s beauty, TOTO’s Gooseneck TOUCHLESS Faucet offers SOFT FLOW. This unique TOTO water technology precisely balances individual streams of water to gently caress the skin with virtually no splash. The translucent water streams are beautiful and visually pleasing. These new smart-sensor faucets available with an ECOPOWER or electric platform and a flow rate of 0.5 or 0.35 gallons per minute.

With a design that mimics so perfectly, you would expect this faucet to flap wings as you approach the Gooseneck TOUCHLESS.

The ECOPOWER technology platform from TOTO harnesses the energy of running water to power the faucets’ electronics, saving water and energy. These hands-free faucets replenish their charge with every use. No minimum daily usage is required, which translates into reduced electricity use, lower maintenance costs, and better ecology with hands-free, automatic shut-off. They are also available with an electrical platform.

Winner of the 2021 Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award, the TOTO Gooseneck Faucet is available in standard- and vessel-heights. “This marks the ninth consecutive year that TOTO products have won the esteemed Red Dot Design Award, and the eighth successive year our products have attained the prestigious iF Design Award,” said Hidemi Ishikawa, CEO of TOTO USA. “Moreover, it is the second time TOTO garnered the Red Dot Awards’ coveted “Best of the Best” accolade, receiving the first such honor in 2017. As the global leader in innovation and technological advancement for the residential bathroom and public restroom, TOTO will continue to pursue the fusion of high design and technology to improve people’s lives.”

The TOUCHLESS Standard-S Soap Dispenser Square for standard-height vessels features AC installation and an escutcheon for large-hole replacement.

No-touch dispensers at several heights

Long before a facility manager needs to replace a sink or faucet, the soap dispenser usually wears out beyond refurbishment. In that case, TOTO has ideal retrofit solutions with the Standard-S TOUCHLESS Soap Dispensers that accommodate Standard-Height; Semi-Vessel Height; and Vessel-Height basins. With its clean, simple lines, the sleek, modern Standard-S TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser is compact. This eye-catching minimalist design encourages handwashing with its ease of use. The unit’s smart-sensor technology ensures hands-free activation from any angle and foaming soap for a hygienic handwashing experience. The micro-sensor in its body ensures accurate hand-detection, and its auto-purge cycle prevents soap from clogging the spout.

The Standard-R TOUCHLESS Faucet, winner of the 2021 iF Design Award, is characterized by a graceful, gently curving spout that invokes a deep appreciation of the simplicity of organic form.

For those that like a little mist after they cleanse, TOTO offers a unique smart-sensor faucet in its Standard-R TOUCHLESS Faucet that automatically mists the lavatory with electrolyzed water, a well-known cleaning agent, which reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. EWATER+ is produced from ordinary tap water by electrolyzing its chloride ions. It is completely free of added chemicals, detergents, or harsh cleaning agents. Over time, EWATER+ returns to its original state as ordinary tap water. By misting the lavatory with EWATER+, the Standard-R TOUCHLESS Faucet reduces dirt and grime, particularly around the drain area.

The polished chrome Standard-R TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser offers standard and vessel models. It features AC installation and an escutcheon for large hole replacement for ease of installation.

To accompany the Standard-R TOUCHLESS Faucet, TOTO offers the Standard-R TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser, bringing style and  convenience to any public restroom design. TOTO’s soap dispensers offer automatic, touchless operation for a more hygienic and comfortable experience. The new controller is designed with a compact body that uses less space and is separate from the soap reservoir creating easier installation and cleaner aesthetic. TOTO Biodegradable, Green Seal™ Soap TSFB is required for this dispenser.