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HeartCare Imaging and GW Medical Faculty Associates to provide specialty telemedicine to rural areas

HeartCare Imaging and the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates, Washington, D.C.’s largest independent physician practice with more than 750 providers, announced in June a new initiative to improve patient care nationwide by providing specialty clinical care through telemedicine. Rural hospitals will now have access to real-time university-based specialists and state-of-the-art technology to diagnose hometown patients, enabling overall improved healthcare in their communities.

“The GW MFA has a long history of providing high-quality telemedicine support to the maritime and aviation industries in the most remote parts of the world,” said Neal Sikka, MD, GW MFA Emergency Medicine.  “We are excited to work with HCI to bring that experience closer to home, in rural parts of America where there is a critical need to improve access.”

“Here at HeartCare we are committed to rural health. We know we can make a difference and have a positive impact on patients needing specialty care in areas where the clinical excellence may not be abundant,” states Robert J. Stilley, president and CEO of HeartCare Imaging. “Working with GW MFA to provide telemedicine will ensure patients nationwide, down to the smallest village, will have access to specialty providers such as cardiologist, nephrologist, ER doctors, etc. GW MFA’s decade plus experience of successfully providing telemedicine services will be of great benefit to patients in rural America.”

Almost 20% of Americans live in rural America. Telemedicine is a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution that is simple and cost-effective. HeartCare Imaging connects patients with licensed university-based specialist who can provide immediate resolutions for an array of clinical needs. Partner hospitals are assured peace of mind with 24/7 access to the telemedicine call center and onsite training.  HCI and GW MFA encourage any interested hospital or provider to contact them at info@heartcareimaging.com.

These clinical services are available to hospitals nationwide. For more information, visit www.heartcareimaging.com/telehealth