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Healthcare groups need a security plan to protect staff traveling into the community. See the IAHSS guide

The International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) announces the release of a significant update to industry guideline 06.02 Home Health Provider (Community Provider Services) (PDF), which includes information to assist healthcare organizations in developing a security plan to protect staff traveling into the community to provide patient care. 

The guideline opens with the statement that “Healthcare Facilities (HCFs) providing home or community-based health services should develop a security plan to protect staff traveling into the community in the performance of their job duties.” 

Dean R. Sobcoviak, CPP, CHPA, chief protective services officer for Sutter Health and Council on Guidelines member, said he is excited about this updated guideline for several reasons.  

Home health nurses providing care in the community face a range of security risks that can compromise their safety and effectiveness.  These risks include violence and assault, theft or robbery, lack of backup support, environmental hazards, transportation risks, and limited access to resources.  Addressing these challenges requires implementing comprehensive safety protocols, providing adequate training and resources, and establishing effective communication support systems.

Dean R. Sobcoviak, CPP, CHPA

By prioritizing the safety and security of home health nurses and community service providers, healthcare organizations can enhance the quality of care provided to patients in the community while mitigating potential risks to those providing patient care services. 

The 06.02 Home Health Provider (Community Provider Services) (PDF) is available from IAHSS.

The IAHSS Council on Guidelines is comprised of volunteer IAHSS members who are seasoned healthcare security professionals and leaders. Each year the Council on Guidelines develops new industry guidelines and reviews existing guidelines on a three-year cycle. All IAHSS guidelines are available electronically to IAHSS members via the IAHSS website. Hardcopies of the guidelines booklet are available for sale in the IAHSS online store