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Healthcare FMs can experience “We Are FM” during NFMT: March 12-14, Baltimore

The building technology issues at healthcare facilities and medical office buildings demand optimal performance at all times. FMs in healthcare and their building ops teams are seeking training because new tech, building operations and maintenance techniques are always emerging. For hospitals’ FM leadership and the staff they manage, it’s important to keep abreast of developments through education and visiting with suppliers. Training, networking and product knowledge have a solid home at NFMT 2024, the National Facilities Management & Technology show in Baltimore, March 12-14, themed, “We Are FM.”

As the first FM show every year, The McMorrow Reports & FMLink always attend, eager to see what’s concerning industry professionals and exploring sessions that are relevant for our readers. Education sessions that may have the greatest appeal for healthcare building managers include:

SHOCKING: PAD Programs Save Lives. This interactive session will address benefits of Public Access Defibrillation Programs, pain points and solutions for facility managers. The presentation includes basic understanding of sudden cardiac arrest and why timing and access is so critical. Placement of AEDs, how to do a site assessment and legal implications will be addressed. Presented by: Carol Marsiglia, CEO and Clinical Consultant, and Michael Marsiglia, COO, both with Chesapeake AED Services.

The Living FCA. If your last Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) wasn’t much help to you, or if you don’t know the purpose of a FCA, this session is for you. When properly scoped, delivered, and utilized, a FCA can be a living guide to optimizing your facility and meeting organizational goals. Learn how a FCA can be used to transform your capital planning, reporting, operations and maintenance (O&M), and project implementation with these five fundamental principles: 1. Get the data right. 2. Apply smart costing. 3. Choose effective technology. 4. Implement projects wisely. 5. Manage proactively. Presented by Nate Benton PE, CEM, Managing Director, MEP Solutions
; Josh McCullough, EIT, Program Manager of Asset Data Collection and Management (ADCM), Jeff Briggs, Senior Project Assessor; all with Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Selecting an EV Charging Partner for a Future-Proof Bottom Line, presented by Ryan Kennedy, PE, CEO and Cofounder, Atom Power. An overview of the EV charging market, infrastructure and challenges, followed by a formula for how facility managers can choose charging infrastructure that will be a profit center that attracts clientele. Kennedy will explain how managers can create an efficient value proposition by investing in charging infrastructure with a low total cost of ownership. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to select efficient, flexible and reliable EV charging infrastructure to better improve both customer experiences and their bottom line.

Embracing the Future: Exploring Reliable Wireless IoT for FMs. Wireless IoT solutions for buildings enables operational and management personnel to move from being reactive to a more proactive approach to their facilities. With sensors and connected devices, you can monitor equipment performance, identify issues, schedule maintenance, reduce energy consumption, optimize spaces and track personnel and assets as they move throughout the building. Ideally, a highly reliable digital mesh backbone that enables interconnected smart building solutions provides managers with a holistic view of real time operations across a facility. Presented by Youssef Kamel, SVP, Smart Buildings and Smart Tracking Business, WIREPAS

Integrating Safety into FM Using the Four Pillars. Facilities professionals have much in common with safety professionals. Many times, safety duties are part of a facility professional’s job description if there is no safety manager. Too often, employees and employers believe that safety is an “extra duty” given to them, and that it is not related to what they do on a daily basis. Using the four pillars of facilities management, we will discuss how the intersection and integration of safety into facilities management actually can streamline your work and make your department more efficient and productive.

Understanding Parking Deck Life Extension Strategies. Parking Decks typically cost over $20,000 per space and are subject to harsh environments. If properly designed, constructed and maintained their expected life exceeds 40 years. Strategies to extend their life through cost-effective maintenace are presented. These strategies vary based on the structural systems which are also reviewed. Presented by: Gregory Neiderer, Director of Restoration, Walker Consultants.

2024 Construction Cost Trends & What They Mean for Facilities Leaders presented by John Timmerman, Product Marketing Manager, Gordian and Sam Giffin, Director of Data Operations, Gordian. Facilities professionals continue to navigate the persistent challenges of inflationary pressures on project costs, supply chain constraints, and material and labor availability. Industry experts from Gordian will share insights on the latest cost trends from RS Means Data, the factors influencing construction costs across North America and how cost volatility will affect FM.  

Facilitopia – A Brighter Vision for the Facility Industry presented by John Rimer, President, FM360 Consulting. Facility management is not likely to be the new glamour career; however, this evolving industry and the professionals that work in it should strive to gain the recognition and resources deserved and needed to ensure success. Rimer will outline steps for recognizing, communicating, and selling the value facilities delivers to the organization. The intent is for each professional to be better equipped to raise the bar within their organization and to collectively help drive the industry toward this utopian view for facilities.

Capital planning, competing priorities and a high-inflation environment presented by Kyle Christiansen RA, V. P of US Operations, Ross Integrated Asset Management Strategies. Christiansen will explore inflationary pressures, offering asset management strategies to prioritize and centralize capital planning budgets, focusing on the value of defensible data from a technical and cost basis, value of robust capital planning software, and integrated asset management consulting.

NFMT offers educations sessions in the following tracks: Asset Management; Energy & Sustainability; Future Trends; Health & Safety; M&O; Security; and Technology.

The exhibit floor is open Tuesday, 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.; Wednesday, 10:00 to 3:00 p.m.; and Thursday, 10:30 to 2:30 p.m.

The annual Women in FM panel and reception will be on Wednesday, March 13, 3:10 to 6:00 p.m.

For more information, NFMT.