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Granite Tactical Vehicles creates no-contact portable Covid-19 testing booth

No Contact portable COVID-19 test booth next to Mobile Pathogen Testing Unit (MPTU)

No Contact portable covid-19 testing booth

Granite Tactical Vehicles, in the business of protecting personnel in vehicles in hostile areas, has changed its focus to help in the fight against COVID-19. It has created a no-contact testing booth that completely separates the healthcare worker from the patient.

  • No contact is made between healthcare professional and patient.
  • Intercom allows healthcare professional to effectively interact with patient.
  • Access to patient is provided through two rubber gloves connected by sealed flanges through the front window.
  • Booth is supplied internally with HEPA filtered air resulting in overpressure in booth preventing any contamination from entering booth.
  • Each unit is sealed and contained so no PPE is required resulting in lower operating costs, time efficiency and ease of performance.
  • Units expedite testing so more people can be tested within any given time period.
  • Interior provides overhead light as well as a dual plug outlet to power computer or any other piece of electronic equipment. (Booth requires a power source to plug in to)
  • Portable air compressor with HEPA filter can be placed up to 50′ away from patients and continuously pump filtered air into the booth maintaining the slight overpressure inside booth.
  • Stainless steel units are easy to sanitize and maintain both with regard to the interior and exterior.
  • Self-locking door to prevent the possibility of accidental contamination.
  • AC and Heat available upon request.
  • Unique rental feature allows rapid and easy expansion as the need dictates.
  • Worldwide use with 110 volt or 220 volts, depending on country of use.
  • 2″ insulated walls with R-Value of 10 @ 75 degrees F Mean.
No Contact portable COVID-19 test booth next to Mobile Pathogen Testing Unit (MPTU)

In order for these to be deployed rapidly and avoid the sometimes complicated and lengthy process of acquisition, these units are being produced as RENTAL units as well as sale units. Renting allows short-term use and no storage requirements once they are no longer needed and a much shorter process to get units onsite where they are needed

The design of the booth took into consideration the additional stress placed on the healthcare professional from the possibility of exposure to the virus and the possibility of contaminating other team members or loved ones. This additional stress reduces the healthcare members ability to combat the virus which results in less members on the front line of this battle.

The company is currently in discussion with groups around the globe on the booth as well as some more portable designs for rural areas. The response to this simple solution has been very well received and while similar units are popping up in other countries, they appear to lack the capabilities and function of this design.

These booths have been designed for simplicity in manufacturing in order to get them out as quickly as possible. At the time of this release, Granite Tactical Vehicles can deliver in approximately 2 weeks from time orders are received and hope to remain on that timeline as this battle continues.

For further information please contact Chris Berman president of Granite Tactical Vehicles (www.granitetacticalvehicles.com) at 238615@email4pr.com or call 336-493-3946.