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Goodway’s powerful coil cleaner boosts HVAC efficiency and lowers operating costs

Goodway CC-400 CoilPro coil cleaner

Goodway CC-400 CoilPro coil cleaner. Image courtesy of Goodway

Goodway CC-400 CoilPro coil cleaner. Image courtesy of Goodway

Thick and dirty evaporator and condenser coils cause HVAC systems to work harder and use more energy, decreasing efficiency and increasing operating costs. Properly cleaning coils has always been a challenge. Either there’s too much pressure that damages coils and fins or too little water volume that can’t penetrate thick coils. The CC-400 CoilPro from Goodway combines 400 PSI of cleaning power with a 3 GPM+ flow rate to deliver exceptional cleaning results for even the thickest, dirtiest coils, without damaging fins. It includes a sectional three-piece wand, which allows for better cleaning behind coils and sprays with a 90-degree nozzle attachment, making the CC-400 ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach coils.  Plus, its innovative chemical integration technology provides the ability to easily apply chemicals like Coilshine to deliver enhanced cleaning effectiveness. The best part? All this innovative cleaning technology is in one small, handheld design.