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Give guests calm and reflective waiting time in a Mantova lounge or loveseat from Kwalu

Waiting should be easier. With a gentle recline, soft cushions and enveloping comfort, Kwalu’s Mantova Lounge Collection is the solution for waiting room calm as patients relax, read and pass the time before meeting with their medical team. The contemporary design of Mantova’s lounge chair and loveseat offers Kwalu’s solid surface (1/8” thick) proprietary finish that doesn’t have the drawbacks of wood. The frames are moisture impervious, graffiti-resistant, easy to clean and maintenance-free. Wood furniture is typically protected with surface coatings, which start to wear off, scratch and dent within days of first being used.

Kwalu’s patented steel-reinforced joint system uses over 20 pieces of steel that prevents costly furniture replacement. Further, it’s tailored and modern with options for piping on the seat and top of arms and optional nail head trim around the base and top of arms along with Kwalu’s durable fabrics that withstand repeated cleaning and disinfection. Waiting areas have high turnover. At the end of the day, concealed cleanout eliminates debris build-up behind the seat cushion. Choose the best seat cushion for your application, a non-removable seat cushion for healthcare or a loose seat cushion for senior living.

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