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May 11: Celebrate World FM Day 2022

Initiated in 2008 by Global FM and earning renewed exposure due to the pandemic, World FM Day aims to recognize the vital work that facility management professionals contribute to business, healthcare and educational institutions worldwide. Further, the day raises the profile of the FM profession due to its influence on the health, safety, productivity, and well-being of people who use the built environment. During the pandemic, FM teams are at the forefront in making environments and digital platforms available to meet unanticipated demands and have been important in keeping many sectors operating. With a renewed emphasis being placed on human health and safety, coupled with building sustainability and resilience, the FM is thrust into the center of the “Return To” conversation.

Titled “Facility Management — Leading a Sustainable Future” for 2022, World FM Day activities are encouraged around the world. FM organizations on six continents celebrate World FM Day by holding public events such as staff luncheons, panel seminars and workshops, social media chats, client networking events and more. Global FM offers the World FM Day 2022 marketing pack in numerous languages on its site. Brazil-based ABRAFAC, Panama-based APAFAM, Egypt-based EGYFMA, Europe-based EuroFM, Australia-based FMA, New Zealand-based FMANZ, Hungary-based HFMS, Middle East-based MEFMA, U.S.-based IFMA, U.K.-based IWFM, South Africa-based SAFMA, Turkey-based TRFMA and other international FM groups mark the occasion in various ways and encourage activities the whole week and even month. Let ​Global FM or your country’s organization know how you plan to celebrate World FM Day, and they will help spread the word via social media channels.