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Metal roof improves building aesthetics and functionality

DSCN1303The Ocean City Arts Center, nestled in the resort town of Ocean City, New Jersey, began as a modest fitness center with racquetball courts and has grown over the years to include a natatorium and library. The art center’s continued growth in popularity, along with plans underway to expand the library, prompted Roger Rinck, manager of engineering and construction for Ocean City, to initiate several other renovations and additions in an effort to create a “true community center.” The plans included the addition of a senior center, a café, and expansions to the historical musIMG_0534eum and cultural arts center. Aside from the additions, Rinck wanted to improve the building’s aesthetics and functionality by bringing everything under one roof. On top of all of that, he wanted the center to remain open during construction.

Local architectural firm, Garrison Architects, created the architectural drawings. Based on the project’s objectives and the art center’s proximity to the ocean, The Garland Company, Inc.’s R-Mer® Span structural standing seam roof system was installed on the building’s additions. The 16-inch .040 aluminum panels provide the durability and watertight integrity needed for a long-term, high-performance solution. The metal system helped dramatically change the look of the building, taking it from a boxy, warehouse structure to a visually appealing facility that is more welcoming to the community it is intended to serve.


In addition, R-Mer® Wall-Pan concealed-clip wall panel system was installed over the building’s existing split face block walls to improve aesthetics and provide further watertight protection. An integral part of the project included creating a custom color for the metal panels so they would match the building’s original fenestration system.

Contractor Arthur J. Ogren, Inc. of Vineland, New Jersey, completed the 35,000-square-foot project in several phases over a two-year period to ensure the facility would remain open throughout construction.

For more information, visit The Garland Company, Inc., or call 800-321-9336.IMG_0529