Garland creates water-tight seal for curved roof with R-Mer Span panels

Project: The Career Center of the SCESC (Somerset County Educational Services Commission)

Location: Bridgewater, New Jersey

Product: Garland’s 18-inch wide, R-Mer Span standing seam panels

Material: .050 aluminum, PVDF Patriot Blue

Size: 4,000 square feet

Architect: Parette Somjen Architects LLC, Rockaway, New Jersey

Client: Somerset County Educational Services Commission

Roofing Manufacturer: The Garland Company, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio

Contractor: Palomino Roofing Co., LLC

Project Summary:

As part of a community outreach program, the Somerset County Educational Services Commission launched a project to build a career center to provide vocational opportunities for at-risk students. The Career Center of the SCESC was designed – aesthetically and functionally – with the community in mind. The entrance of the facility features a tightly curved structural standing seam metal roof designed to symbolize an outreaching arm. Structural standing seam metal was deemed the best solution due to its proven watertight performance, tight curving capabilities and pleasing aesthetics. Garland’s 18-inch wide, .050” aluminum R-Mer Span structural standing seam panels feature a seven-foot radius, somewhat resembling a fish hook. Due to the tight curve, Garland’s engineering team developed a custom panel over-lap design, allowing the roof to be installed in two, more manageable, sections while still maintaining its watertight integrity. The panels were roll formed and curved on-site. The Element wall panel and air barrier system was also utilized to provide a high performance rainscreen wall system that will allow the building to be energy efficient and watertight for decades to come. The goal of the project was to create an inviting space where students can learn, become engaged in the larger community and graduate more prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive workplace.