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Climate-positive: Marmoleum Solid flooring from Forbo boosts well-being

The Marmoleum Solid flooring collection creates healthy spaces to work, learn, heal and play. Image courtesy of Forbo

Marmoleum Solid contributes to the well-being of individuals by bringing nature inside, creating healthy spaces to work, learn, heal, and play. The Solid linoleum flooring collection is minimalistic, pure, and timeless, providing a long-lasting foundation that never goes out of style and mixes well with other interior finishes. Made from natural, renewable, and recycled materials, Marmoleum is unique, as carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed by its raw materials. The combined photosynthesis of all plants used in Marmoleum achieves CO2 uptake that is greater than the CO2 emissions resulting from transportation and production.

Marmoleum relieves the environment of carbon dioxide, and it is climate-positive from cradle-to-gate, without offsetting. Marmoleum’s natural ingredients provide it with inherent anti-microbial and anti-static properties that won’t diminish over time, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Marmoleum Solid’s Topshield Pro finish provides the best in durability with lasting wear performance and improved stain-resistance, including those from hand disinfectants.