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Forbes: The brain’s journey to the new post-Coronavirus normal

Andrew Mawson is the founder of Advanced Workplace Associates, an organization that helps business leaders use scientific research to enhance human & organizational performance. He is a contributor to Forbes Magazine. This is an excerpt from his May 4 column for Forbes.

“In January, the Coronavirus knee-jerked almost every business on the planet into the most radical form of agile working imaginable: full-time home working. It came without a systematic change program, training, or consultation. But this sudden shift has demonstrated that individuals, organizations and governments can turn on a dime if they need to.

“So, how was this transition possible without a change program or any proper planning? The answer to this question lies in neuroscience. The brain’s primary purpose is to keep us physically and socially safe. It’s hardwired to aid self-preservation—anything unsafe harms our ability to transmit our genes to future generations. So, from the day we are born, our brains identify what’s safe and what’s dangerous, and we cling on to these instincts for life.”

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