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Flotex Modular Tile collection sets a new standard in office design

Flotex_planks_SeagrassForbo Flooring Systems introduces a new collection of high-performance Flotex Modular Tile, creating a new era for interior design in commercial environments, including office, leisure and hospitality. Flotex Modular Tile combines the function and durability of a washable, waterproof, stain-resistant carpet, with the beauty and versatility of a 10” x 40” modular tile. Available in a wide range of organic and contemporary designs, Flotex Modular Tiles are easy to install and invite designers to play with color mixes as well as laying patterns. Flotex Modular Tile features a surface of densely packed Nylon 6.6 fibers that provide an indestructible yet comfortable floor on which to walk. Flotex Modular Tile can be combined with other floorcovering products from Forbo, such as the Allura Flex high quality LVT collection. The end-result is a beautiful, comfortable, hygienic textile floor which is both safe and extremely durable.