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Flotex at a Big Ten: From residence halls to dining

Flotex MSU Case Study-68

Since opening in Fall 2007, the resident hall at one of the nation’s largest universities has been a lively hub of activity, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to approximately 5,000 students every day. Careful consideration of flooring products was given during the renovation of this high-traffic facility, which is also home to the school’s Arts & Humanities College.

Long-term durability, ease of maintenance, and superior resistance to spills and stains were key factors in the selection of Flotex flooring for the dining hall area and classrooms. Dirt and spills are cleaned daily with simple vacuuming and spot cleaning, while a weekly wet clean keeps the flooring looking new. No cleaners are used, only 03 water, which is made by running water though a special filter on campus. This process eliminates the need for chemical cleaning products and “costs pennies to clean,” according to the university’s facilities manager.

Since its opening, two floods in the facility put Flotex to the test. One event occurred in a classroom after a sprinkler head broke, allowing 2,000 gallons of water to spill on the Flotex tile within a span of  two hours.  Fortunately, Flotex is 100% waterproof, and the maintenance team was quickly able to extract the water and reopen the classroom with no down time. According to the facilities manager, the flooring was dry almost immediately after cleaning and the classroom “could have been used within minutes after the water extraction.” Flotex MSU Case Study-34

A second flood occurred in the dining hall in 2009 when a six-inch condensation pipe drain backed up pouring 200 gallons of water onto the Flotex sitting for two hours until the water was extracted. During this time, the dining hall was never shut down and only required a small area to be zoned off while the water was cleaned up.

The resident hall maintenance team have found Flotex to be a durable, easy to clean solution for their facility, noting “if we had used carpet in the dining hall, it would have already been ripped up and replaced by now.” Traditional carpet installed in other areas of the campus require staff to continually clean stains from the floor that resurface only a few days after cleaning.  However, when it comes to Flotex, the maintenance team agrees that they “haven’t come across a stain that they could not remove”

Top ten reasons to choose Flotex flooring for your facility:

  1. Durable – resists crushing and matting due to 70 million upright nylon 6.6 fibers per M2.
  1. Easy to clean – dense, upright fibers allow dirt to be easily removed by vacuuming, with no loops or twists to trap dirt.
  1. Soil and stain resistant – most stains and spills can easily be removed, including permanent marker.
  1. Slip resistant wet and dry – provides safety and minimizes liability from slips and falls.
  1. Hygienic Santitized® antimicrobial treatment – inhibits the growth of MRSA, C-difficile, CRE, E.coli, and fungus on the product.
  1. Closed cell cushion backing – comfortable and quiet underfoot. 100% waterproof.
  1. Acoustics – Sound Absorption (20dB) and Impact Sound Transmission (flooring/ceiling) of IIC 59 for tile and IIC 57 for sheet.
  1. Eliminates odors – Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment effectively combats the development of odors that are associated with bacterial growths on absorbed liquids and soil. Does not allow moisture to penetrate and fester between the primary and secondary backings as can be the case with traditional carpet.
  1. Improved indoor air quality – dirt and allergens are easily removed by vacuuming. Flotex is the only textile flooring material awarded the British Allergy Foundation’s Seal of Approval. Does not contain harmful VOC’s.
  1. Design – warm, stylish aesthetics available in sheet and tile. Flexibility to create custom designs.