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Explore 60 seconds inside Charlotte’s Wray Ward office space

Your bedroom not cutting it compared to your actual office space? Take a minute to enjoy a video tour of Wray Ward’s new sublime offices. Located at 2317 Thrift Road in Charlotte, North Carolina, it’s 39,000-square-feet of adaptive reuse and new construction. It provides office area, collaboration spaces and production studios under one roof for the first time.

From the company’s website:

“From smarter meeting spaces that are high-tech yet easy to use, to personal seating space replacing open-plan offices, office space is evolving,” said Jennifer Appleby, president and chief creative officer of Wray Ward. “Our new office has the fusion of old with new and fresh elements, all folded into a decidedly non-office approach that borrows from other worlds to build a place where creativity thrives.”

“Designed before the COVID-19 pandemic, the office design and layout naturally afford many ways for employees to work safely under one roof: with nearly double the square footage, individuals can spread out; more individual and small workspaces; two outdoor workspaces; venting skylights; and large, open areas”

“Additionally, Wray Ward is integrating an air purification system from new client Global Plasma Solutions. The company’s patented needlepoint bipolar ionization technology (NBPI™) eliminates airborne particulates, odors and pathogens without introducing ozone into the environment, providing cleaner, safer air to help mitigate the risk of Covid-19.”