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ESD’s Intelligent Building Group to navigate options and solutions

ESD (Environmental Systems Design, Inc.), an international leader in the design of high-performance buildings, mission critical facilities, workplaces, and health, science and education environments, has created a new Intelligent Building Group dedicated to helping clients navigate the maze of intelligent building options and solutions.

ESD has been an internationally recognized leader in the development of intelligent buildings for years, offering a host of services such as conceptual planning, building and workplace optimization strategies, and master integration services. The new team, which brings decades of experience to the task, is led by ESD President Kurt Karnatz.

“Intelligent buildings are central to any complex real-estate strategy, and they create outcomes that benefit all stakeholders,” Mr. Karnatz noted. “Owners, operators, occupants and visitors are all seeing the positive effects of intelligent buildings today and will enjoy them even more in the future.”

ESD’s intelligent building work has already touched major companies, and as more stakeholders embrace the business case for intelligent buildings’ economic, environmental and experiential outcomes, this number will quickly rise. Operating and maintenance costs drop. Energy expenses fall while building sustainability increases. Occupant satisfaction, comfort and control jumps. Overall, these outcomes spur tenant demand, heighten competitive advantage and enhance assets.