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EPA offers indoor air quality webinar for green, clean, healthy schools

The EPA has made available online an indoor air quality webinar recorded June 13 that teaches education FMs how to have a green, clean and healthy school.

The webinar, entitled “Green, Clean and Healthy: Effective Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance for a Healthier School Environment,” will teach FMs how to:

• Describe the importance of and benefits for implementing a proactive green cleaning program that emphasizes IAQ and preventive maintenance practices.
• Implement effective green cleaning strategies as part of an integrated IAQ preventive maintenance plan to save money and protect health.
• Assess current cleaning and IAQ preventive maintenance practices to identify areas to increase efficiency, improve reliability and reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.
• Replicate the strategies used by a school district mentor to develop a successful approach to planned and predictive green cleaning and maintenance.
• Use the Sustainable Cleaning Industry Purchasing Tool v3.docx(1 pg, 20 K)

After you view the webinar, please complete the webinar evaluation to help us understand your IAQ knowledge and steps you want to take to assist your district with managing IAQ comprehensively. Once you submit the evaluation, you can download a certificate of completion for this webinar.

To receive your certificate:
• You will receive the evaluation link for this webinar via email (From: iaqschools@epa.gov).
• Once you have completed and submitted your evaluation, you will have access to your completion certificate.
• If you have technical difficulties, please send an email to iaqschools@epa.gov.

Register to view the webinar.

The EPA recommends that you download and review the Indoor Air Quality Management Value Proposition Worksheet to start the process of developing your own business case and value proposition to communicate your district’s IAQ management plan and preventative maintenance goals.

The moderator is Tracy Enger, Facilitator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, US EPA, Indoor Environments Division, Washington, D.C.

The speakers are:
• Tracy Enger, Indoor Environments Division, US Environmental Protection Agency.
• Stephen Ashkin, President, The Ashkin Group.
• Mervin Brewer, Assistant Custodial Supervisor, Salt Lake City School District, Utah.
• Ricky Martinez, Assistant Custodial Supervisor, Salt Lake City School District, Utah.