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Environmental data standards project by OSCRE has advanced, public comments coming soon, and June 7 webinar

OSCRE’s Environmental Data Standards project is reaching the latter stages of development. Once development is complete, the standard will be released for public comment before being published. Highlights of progress and next steps include:

  • Of seven use cases under development, detailed progress has been made on five, with two to go. 
  • A few more workshops are needed to complete the development work, which should be done in July.
  • The level of engagement and collaboration is very high.
  • Detailed content is being drafted and added to the larger OSCRE Industry Data Model.
  • Pilot projects are expected once the standard is developed — initial scoping is underway.
  • Implementation guidelines will include how to incorporate other standards and protocols, such as BRICK and Haystack.
  • Stakeholder perspectives are proving useful to identify skills and roles needed for the future.

Contact OSCRE at info@oscre.org for further details.

Learn more about the project here.

Wed. June 7 @ 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST: Building Environmental Data Management Skills – Experience from across the industry

Having the right skills is possibly the greatest challenge for any organization trying to improve its ESG capabilities. New roles are also emerging to manage the data aspects of sustainability and ESG reporting and analytics. It’s affecting each of the major stakeholders in the supply chain for energy data, the current focus of OSCRE’s Environmental Data Standards Project.

A panel of industry leaders the environmental data supply chain, Jim Carr, Chief Innovation Officer, BentallGreenOak; Joshua Witte, Director – Energy and Sustainability, Dollar Tree; Chris Lees,  Technical Director & Standards Development, OSCRE International; and Ian Cameron, moderator, CIO, OSCRE International, will address:

  • What roles are emerging in environmental data management?
  • What kinds of skills do we need?
  • How does an organization find or build these skills?
  • How do these skills enable implementing new standards for environmental data?

Register for the June 7 webinar here.