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Entry ice melt offers chloride-free, biodegradable deicing

Entry offers FMs the first 100 percent chloride-free de-icer that won’t track on indoor flooring. Entry outperforms granular chloride salts at no additional cost.

Entry’s residue-free, liquid formula is safer for surfaces, floors and metals. It clears ice and snow from sidewalks, driveways and other outdoor surfaces quickly, before your eyes – before slips and falls can happen.

Entry is manufactured by Branch Creek, maker of cleaner, safer growing and surface maintenance solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, golf course and municipal use.

“I’ve talked to some of our corporate customers, such as apartment complexes and retail stores, about Entry,” said Matthew Meyer, owner of four Ace Hardware stores in northern Michigan. “Their big concern with chloride-based granular ice melts is the cleaning that’s required because of tracking. I’ve told them that Entry doesn’t track on carpets and floors, and that really excites them knowing they won’t have to clean up the leftover salt particles and residue.”

Traditional granular deicers and ant-icers contain chlorides such as calcium, sodium or magnesium chloride. Such products arehygroscopic, meaning they draw moisture from the atmosphere. They are harmful to pets if swallowed, and some chloride-based products can seriously burn the paws of animals. In addition, chlorides will dehydrate turf and ornamentals. If leached into waterways, they reduce the available oxygen levels, leading to the death of fish and aquatic plants. Chlorides are corrosive to concrete and metals and will reduce the functional life of structures such as railings and doors.

As a liquid, Entry is easy to apply quickly and evenly. Most users will achieve a lower application cost per 1,000 sq. ft. with liquids than with granular deicers. And, because the liquid achieves a melt three times more quickly than granular products, Entry creates a longer-lasting and safer walking surface.