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Elevate safety standards and minimize harm with ICRA 5-rated Temporary Wall Systems 

Make sure you’re able to handle any renovation, even in strict healthcare settings. Using an ICRA 5-rated wall means you’re exceeding industry standards and providing an extra layer of defense against contaminants.  

Temporary Wall Systems’ modular walls are ready to meet any ICRA requirement and are installed for you eliminating the time required to read long standardization guides. We’ve done that for you! With our robust containment solutions, you can mitigate infection control challenges, maintain operational continuity, and minimize disruptions during renovations. 

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) is performed to prevent and minimize the spread of infection, dust and debris, all of which might cause harm to vulnerable populations during the construction process. With the use of ICRA, construction in healthcare settings can be performed safely, without posing a risk to patients or staff.

The original ICRA was introduced in 1996, but in 2020, the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) formed a team of specialists to evaluate the system for possible improvements. In 2022 ICRA 2.0 was released with updates, including expanded descriptions for better clarity.

Don’t compromise on safety. Upgrade to ICRA 5-rated Temporary Wall Systems and elevate your healthcare renovation projects to new heights of security and compliance.  

Learn more about how Temporary Wall Systems can support your healthcare facility construction endeavors. Connect here to get your free estimate.