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Education facility pros look to NeoCon, June 13-15, for design insight

In addition to daily on-site keynotes and special programs, NeoCon, which will take place June 13-15, 2022, will offer 47 virtual CEU-accredited programs from an impressive roster of leading industry experts from a wide cross-section of fields. The sessions will span eight program tracks: Workplace, Healthcare, Education, Facilities, Wellness, Sustainability, Design Skills, and Industry Direction and delve into the topics that are making an impact on the design industry both now and in the future.

The Education track offers five CEU-accredited sessions on designing successful learning environments. Registrants will be able to access each session when it runs live online as well as anytime on demand (for accreditation) through July 15, 2022. Track of 5 sessions: $100

Connectivist Theory – Applied Designs for Learning Places / It’s Messy

The Complexities of Contemporary Classrooms

Design Like a Kid: Reimagining the Involvement of Youth in Spatial Design Practices

Reinforcing Brand Identity in a Renovated Space

Two-Eyed Seeing: Centennial College A-Block Expansion Project

“From examining how to make spaces more accessible to implementing biophilic design practices and exploring how NFTs and the metaverse will shape the future of design, we curated our 2022 CEU lineup to center around themes that are rapidly growing in importance for our industry,” comments Allison Kearns, Director of Programming for NeoCon. “The eight tracks are intended to offer a much-needed opportunity to learn and conceptualize how we will continue to build a more sustainable, innovative, and effective future as a community.”

NeoCon CEU programming registrants can watch each session when it runs live or anytime on-demand (for accreditation) through July 15.  Registration for CEU programming, as well as onsite keynotes and other special presentations, is open.

For more information, visit NeoCon. For showroom, exhibitor, and general NeoCon news, images, and real-time information, follow NeoCon on: Facebook (@NeoConShows), Twitter (@NeoCon_Shows), and Instagram (@NeoCon_Shows).