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ECOsurfaces by ecore offers variety and functionality

Ecore, has streamlined its ECOsurfaces product offering to include 32 colors. Available in rolls and tiles, this high-performance, durable vulcanized composition rubber flooring offers an ergonomic solution with slip resistance and enhanced acoustic properties.

“We’ve pared down the color palette in an effort to offer our customers more on-trend, near-solid options that bring a unique sense of style to a variety of spaces,” said Bo Barber, vice president of sales and marketing for Ecore.

ECOsurfaces features an array of metal- and wood-like neutrals accented by splashes of complementary colors. ECOsurfaces’ ergonomic and acoustic properties make it an alternative to concrete and carpet, while adding warmth and comfort to the interior landscape. ECOsurfaces offers design options for a wide range of applications, including corporate interiors, educational institutions, public spaces, hospitality and retail environments.