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Don’t let dirty cooling towers drive high energy costs. Goodway has preventive maintenance solutions for optimal performance

Have you cleaned your chiller and have yet to see the efficiency gains you had hoped for? A dirty cooling tower could be the culprit, explains Goodway.  Accumulating scale deposits, organic or biological growth in the tower’s fill, or sediment in the tower’s basin, greatly reduces the cooling effect. The build-up in the tower’s fill restricts airflow, reducing cooling and causing the fan motor to draw more amperage as it works harder to pull air through the reduced orifices. 

The build-up in the basin can minimize the overall volume and increase the water viscosity or even retain heat, countering the cooling effect of the tower. Without your cooling tower efficiently rejecting the heat generated from your equipment, you will see a loss of heat transfer efficiency within the entire system. 

No matter the type of cooling tower, Goodway offers a complete line of preventive maintenance solutions to ensure your cooling tower is working at optimal efficiency.