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Dodge Data & Analytics appoints Daniel McCarthy as new CEO

In June, Dodge Data & Analytics appointed Daniel McCarthy as the company’s new CEO.  A versatile and experienced CEO, he will bring an established track record of 25-plus years of exceptional leadership, talent development and strategic focus in successfully transforming businesses and driving growth initiatives to Dodge’s organization.

Previously, McCarthy held CEO roles at Network Communications, Inc., a provider of lead generation, advertising and Internet marketing solutions, publishing powerhouse PRIMEDIA Enthusiast Media, leading business information provider Cowles Business Media, and most recently at Taunton Press, a publisher of periodicals, books, and websites for hobbyist and building trades.

“I’m pleased to announce that Dan McCarthy has joined Dodge as its new CEO,” said Bill Chisholm, managing partner at Symphony Technology Group, Dodge’s primary investor. “His strong background in data services, extensive history of successful business transformation, product-led innovation, and prior experience serving one of Dodge’s key customer groups – building product manufacturers – will undoubtedly serve him well in this new role. We look forward to working together with him to enable Dodge to continue its leadership in U.S. commercial construction project data and analytics and deliver greater value for our current and future clients alike.”

“Dodge’s long and storied history as a mission-critical provider of project information and analytics to the construction industry has uniquely positioned the company to deliver new offerings and greater value to its customers,” said McCarthy.

To learn more about Dodge Data & Analytics, visit: https://www.construction.com/