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Do you know the 10 reasons why FM service providers should adopt sustainability?

Provided by Planon

Sustainability is a priority on the agenda of many organizations. Objectives can include carbon footprint reduction goals, health and safety targets, and improvement in management of facility performance data that allows firms to track ESG compliance.

Facility services providers who are not prepared to support client sustainability agendas will find themselves losing out to more agile, future-ready competitors. As such, they need to be ready to support clients across a range of sustainability-related requests to succeed in the years ahead.

Planon, a global provider of smart sustainable building management software that helps facility management services firms grow their businesses and be a resource to clients, advises the adoption of sustainability objectives such as these:

  1. Facility services providers can develop and navigate sustainable real estate strategies.
  2. Clients will look to services providers to help mitigate the risk of real estate depreciation.
  3. Real estate owners will seek out mature energy management technologies.
  4. Health & Safety is a deciding factor in the success of back to the office strategies.
  5. Sustainability will be an integral part of facility total experience initiatives.

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