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Diversey supports green cleaning through Healthy Schools Campaign sponsorship

Click to download the 2018 National Education Facilities Cleaning Survey.

With green cleaning becoming more prevalent and integral to the health and wellness of children, Diversey, the leader in providing smart, sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, is proud to sponsor Healthy Schools Campaign’s (HSC) Green Clean Schools program.

“There’s no place for harsh and potentially harmful chemicals in schools, especially when the prevalence of asthma is over 10 percent in some U.S. public schools. Students are in the classroom between 175 and 180 days each year, and learning isn’t feasible when they are suffering from respiratory illness,” said Daniel Daggett, executive director, Sustainability and CSR, Diversey. “Diversey has a long history of sustainability, so we’re proud to be part of a partnership that will usher in a new era of green cleaning in schools.”

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools is crucial for student health and wellness, and can be ensured by using the right products, tools, and procedures. For instance, Diversey’s GREENGUARD Certified system has been rigorously tested and proven to result in good IAQ. In addition to solutions that promote safety and sustainability, Diversey also helps facility managers enhance the image of educational environments and reduce labor costs, which is essential given the tight budget constraints that many districts face.

Together, Diversey and HSC will focus on establishing a vibrant network of school facility managers who are dedicated to ensuring that schools use products and practices that protect both student health and the environment. Through programs and events like the Green Clean Schools Track at the ISSA Show North America and webinars, HSC is raising awareness about best practices and building leadership skills that will help facility managers elevate their green cleaning programs to new heights.

“A green cleaning program is about so much more than safe chemicals and proper infection control,” said Kory Heck, marketing director, Contractors, Government, Education & Light Industrial, Diversey. “As an industry leader, we have the necessary tools and expertise to build an effective program that helps students stay healthy, maximizes their learning potential and protects the environment.”